Jim Mobile – End of year 2011

too much
bla bla ever
be a bad

Let's get talking

When JIM Mobile asked us to do a promo campaign we did exactly what you’d expect
from an advertising agency: a lot of strategic bla bla, some radio and tv bla bla
and a solid helping of social media bla bla. And all for what? To make happy people of course.


Talk the talk,
walk the walk

We always make it a point to address our target in their language. When it comes to youngsters, the job feels easy. We constantly have our finger on the pulse of reddit, 9gag, tumblr, ffffound, youtube etc. A great source of inspiration and, truth be told, something we probably love that as much as they do.

Jim Mobile asked us to think about their new prepaid promotion: You now get triple the amount of free call minutes. In other words three times more bla bla, for free.

Radio and TV

Long live the chin!

Because the new proposition was all about 3 times as much free calling, we created some large chitchatting creatures: the chins! And since we wanted to celebrate this feast of chitchat, we also decided to create our own blah-blah-blah theme song.

Let an earworm do the talking

We wanted a catchy tune, something universal and perhaps even already ‘well known’ and appreciated. Our choice was quickly made: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’, an eternal classic by revered composer Amadeus Mozart. After re-recording his ‘hit single’ with our inspired lyrics (blah, blah, blah), we created a professionally sung, master earworm.

“We decided to work with an all time
classic: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

Check out the tv commercial

This is what you get if you turn people upside down, hide their nose and eyes, stick some new eyes on their chin and make them sing. DO try this at home! It’s greaaaat fun. 

Social Media

Facebook fun

Since Facebook is an important medium to have a dialogue with your consumers, Jim Mobile and Seven worked out a Facebook policy, which is a healthy mix of service and …fun! Including some cool Facebook App’s from time to time!

The invasion of the crazy chins

For this campaign we created ‘The Chin Pimper’. A nifty Facebook App that turns your own chin into a wierd new creature. Every week had a new theme (e.g. movie characters, pop stars, party,…) with some new unlocked attributes. At the end of every week one winner was chosen who won his own chin!

“We invited the winners to our mansion for a personal shoot”

Happy outcome?

Custom bean bags created from our photoshoot

The facebook app was a big success, almost 700 different designs were submitted. The 8 winners were all invited to a special photo-shoot and won their own personalized ‘Sitting Chin’: a cool giant beanbag with their personal chin creation printed on it.

“Fans created
their own version
of the commercial!

Check another one

  • The campaign was such a success that it ran 2 years
  • Q-Music made a tribute to our bla bla song
  • Fans create their own JIM mobile commercial

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