Deadpool Does Belgium

Let’s get dirty.


When it comes to superheroes, Deadpool is probably one of our favorites. Independent, dirty-minded and a real know-it-all; we love it! The only problem was, he was not that popular in Belgium yet. Time to work on that! Check out our Deadpool tour, photobooth, Out Of Home advertising and screening invitations.

Every country had the possibility to buy the Deadpool suit for creative use, so we did! We went on the lookout for the perfect actor to play Deadpool and chose a top-notch breakdancer. And he got moves!

Brussels Tour - Snapchat


Our followers were not yet familiar with Deadpool. So, we had to use our existing channels to let them meet him. We created a Snapchat story where you could get to know his characteristics and this way bond with his personality. We announced this story by posting our Snapchat QR on Facebook and Twitter.


Brussels tour 

Deadpool had arrived in Belgium and wanted to share his commentary on our country through Snapchat. And he sure did! Combining our copy skills and dirty minds, we created a full Snapchat story, which had over 10.000 views in its short 24-hour existence.


New Year's Dive Oostende - Snapchat

Deadpool has a weakness for girls in bikini… and beer tummies. So he took his favorite Hello Kitty bag and went to the New Year’s Dive in Oostende. Fans could follow his journey as he shared his juiciest pictures with his most loyal fans on Snapchat. Again, we easily reached over 10.000 views with an average of 30 screenshots per snap. The most popular image had 43 screenshots. We found these screenshots back on the Internet, shared by our fans on websites such as Facebook and 9gag. Sex sells?


New Year's Dive - Mobile Photobooth

People who were in Oostende for either a cool dive or watching the dive, could get their picture taken with Deadpool. They could share it on the spot through Facebook and Twitter, or send it to themselves by e-mail. Nearly 100% of all pictures taken were either shared through social media or sent to an e-mail address. Later that day, all pictures were also available to see on the Deadpool Facebook page so people could tag themselves.

Out Of Home

“For OOH, we looked at the bigger picture.

How about the size of a subway hallway?”

Screening invitations

To invite influencers to come and watch the Deadpool screening we thought of an invitation right up Deadpool’s alley. We designed a pack of beer and put 4 bottles of the strongest Belgian beer in the pack. We also created 10 extra invitations for our fans to win through social media.

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