JIM Mobile Advantage Bundles

Mom, Dad,
Let’s talk!

An interesting challenge

JIM Mobile came to us with an interesting challenge: “How do we bring mobile data to our prepaid clients?” Because this target audience is interested in mobile surfing, but they don’t have their own income. In other words: how do we get their parents on board?

The Strategy


The JIM Mobile Advantage bundles are convenient plans that let you upgrade your prepaid card temporarily with a data package that fits your needs. However, mobile data is not very mainstream yet. Most people are afraid it will cost a lot of money.

Dad, we have to talk….

Prepaid customers usually are financially dependent on their parents. They get an allowance to recharge their prepaid card, or their parents do it fort hem. So if they want mobile internet, their parents need to agree.

“Striking up a conversation about mobile data between parent and child. That was our goal.”

Tv & Radio

Max, the conversation starter

Because the previous campaign with ‘De Max’ was a success, we decided to bring our beloved hero back to the screen. He was a perfect fit for our strategic starting point: initiate a conversation between parent and child. Thanks to the animal kingdom, we could bring this conversation in an off-beat but recognisable way in errr, a “beastly” campaign.

“We went wild with the monkeys on the radio as well.”

Monkeys on the radio

Check it out!


Which mobile internet animal are you?

With this simple profiling test, every surfer can discover what his mobile surfing profile is – and which Advantage Bundle suits you best. The fun way, supported by ‘Quizmaster Max’!

Share your result

On top of that, every participant was informed about the advantages of mobile internet and what you can accomplish with a data bundle of 500MB or 1GB. The result could be shared on Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button.

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