How to dress up Belgium’s most playful TV brand?

Digital channel branding

Studio 100 has a treasure trove full of children’s programming and music videos in it’s portfolio.
When they decided to turn this into a full-blown digital tv channel, they asked us to create the branding for the channel.

On-air branding

Digital tv

Children’s entertainment powerhouse Studio 100 turned to Seven for the launch of their digital channel Studio 100 TV. We created a series of idents starring the STUDIO 100 TV logo and program openers with a different style for each show.

Channel branding

Initially, we were just briefed to create a new look for the STUDIO 100 website. When that was finished, it was received so well – internally and externally – that we were asked to redesign the entire TV brand!


“With a distinct style for each type of show, we could quickly fill in the entire programming schedule”

Bumpers & idents

A day on Studio 100 TV…

We created a series of animated idents featuring the little adventures of the logo. Furthermore, we created a set of bumpers for the different shows, each with it’s own graphic style. Here we strung them together to give you a taste of what’s in a day on Studio 100 TV. Check it out in the real world on Telenet digital TV – by default it’s on channel 33. Enjoy!

“The new look was received so well that we were asked to redesign the entire brand!”

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