About us

Seven is an independent and creative communication agency. We dream up relevant concepts and fitting images for your message. We do not “advertise”, we tell stories. Stories that intrigue, make people wonder or make them smile, but above all, engage them. Not just stories that entertain, but stories that add value for everyone involved. Bluntly put, stories that make money.

We create integrated campaigns for your brand and for your audience, not for winning little gold-plated statues in fancy award shows. Integrated, because your audience is not sitting quietly in one place. We know how to make them listen and fall in love with your brand by spreading your story across all the relevant channels – making sure your audience will be touched.

“We know how to make them fall in love with your brand”

So if your brand has stories to tell, we are more than happy to make them relevant. With the right ideas, the right images, the right people, and the right channels. And with a happy end, of course. Because after all, that’s what good stories are all about.


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SEVEN Productions  t: +32 15 45 17 77
Zorgvliet 17  f: +32 15 21 74 72
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver  e: hello@sevenproductions.be
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