JIM Mobile Postpaid – Born Free

Who wouldn’t love unlimited freedom?

Born Free!

When JIM Mobile launched JIM Mobile Postpaid, a mobile contract with no set contract duration or canceling fee, we came up with the concept ‘Born Free!’ And what else represents freedom better than a wild horse?!

The briefing

When mobile operator Jim Mobile launched a postpaid formula without contract duration or canceling fee, they turned to Seven for the promo campaign. The target audience: youngsters age 18-24. Where are they? Probably attending a boring lecture in high school or university. What do they crave for? Freedom! Enter “The Crazy Pony”…

The solution

Free as a horse

Horses may be the ultimate representation of freedom, but it is pretty hard to find a horse with good acting skills. So we created our own fluffy looking, epic pony.  And when we say epic, we mean epic!

The crazy pony

Our pony, aka Good Looking Stud, not only owns a free soul, he’s also the proud possessor of a crystal clear voice and a funky VW van. Boooorrn freeheheheeee!

“It’s pretty hard to find a horse
with good acting skills!”

Check out the tv commercial

Join these youngsters on their unexpected trip from a boring lecture to ultimate freedom –  in the tracks of our crazy pony. That’s what JIM Mobile postpaid can do to you too!

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