Paper Towns

Get lost, get found.

Doodle all the way!

What happens when we dig up our doodling skills and go loco? A campaign for a teenage drama! We projected ourselves in the lifestyle of teenage girls to create great content fit for Paper Towns.

Social Media Tour

Margo is a teenage girl who sure knows what she wants. And just like every teenager, she feels like disappearing once in a while. The only difference is… she actually does it. Luckily she brought her phone so she could give clues about her location to her followers!

We literally relived our teenage years. Disguised as Margo we planned a trip through Belgium and tweeted clues about our hiding spot, which is a reflection of the actual storyline. Fans who could guess where Margo was, won tickets to the movie.


We also searched for other ways to reach the right target audience: namely Joepie. We created an artsy plastic cover with doodles on it and added a small booklet containing the first chapter of the Paper Towns book. This way fans could get warmed up for the actual movie!

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